5 Safety Tips For Transporting Your Horse

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Do you own horses and need to travel with them? When you travel, you want to experience comfort. Horses also desire comfort.

You must protect the value of your horse when you transport them. Safety must be a top priority.

You need to learn how to keep your horses safe during traveling. Read this article to learn about 5 horse transportation safety tips.

1. Use the Right Horse Trailer

If you plan to transport your horses on the road, you must use the right horse trailer. The one you use should be strong enough. It must hold the weight of the horses and any equipment you have to take with you.

It should have plenty of room for the horses to turn around and move its head. Lack of room can put a horse at risk for shipping fever. Ample space is the key to keeping your horses comfortable in their trailer.

2. Complete a Travel Checklist

You must develop a travel checklist. It’ll help you organize the travel process. Completing this type of checklist can also promote animal safety.

Your travel checklist should include horse blankets and groom equipment. Don’t forget to take an equine first-aid kit.

Make sure to take extra essentials. This means taking an extra supply of hay and water.

3. Watch Out for the Weather

Pay attention to the weather before you transport your horses. Tailor transportation in the summer can get hot. This can put horses at risk for heat-related stress.

If traveling in the winter months, you should focus on keeping your horses hydrated. Your horses must be well fed too. These two things can help maintain their internal temperature.

If extreme weather is in the forecast, you might want to reschedule your travel plans. Thunderstorms can frighten a horse. A scared horse can hurt itself.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Long-distance transportation can take a toll on a horse. It can affect their legs and joints.

If you choose trailer transportation, consider taking regular pit stops. These breaks will give them a chance to rest.

5. Plan Ahead for Potential Travel Issues

Travel issues might arise. If they do, you must be ready for them.

What if a horse gets sick? It’s a good idea to map veterinary practices along your route. Have their contact information on hand.

If there’s an issue with a travel option, you need to have an alternative. If you can’t transport your horses by road, you might need to do it by air.

Transporting livestock by air transport is a comfortable experience for horses. Click the link to learn more about horse air transportation.

Horse Transportation Safety is a Top Priority

When transporting your horses, you must keep them safe. Use these horse transportation tips to keep your horses comfortable too. They’ll be happy in transit.

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