What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Strains That Exist Today?

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The cannabis industry has been accelerating for years, reaching over ten billion dollars in 2018. The projection for 2026 is to become an over ninety-seven billion-dollar industry.

With the vast popularity of cannabis not going away anytime soon, the number of products in the marketplace can be overwhelming for the average consumer. The stigma of marijuana products has moved from being a source of recreational fun to using it for numerous medicinal purposes.

No matter what you use marijuana for, the types of marijuana strains make a difference in its effects. To learn more about some of the different types of marijuana strains and what they are most suited for, keep reading.

Choosing Between the Different Types of Marijuana Strains

The types of marijuana strains are simply different varieties of the cannabis plant that you can get. These are generally broken down into indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, which are a combination of both indica and sativa.

However, within these three categories are various subcategories where you’ll find strain names like the following.

  • Purple kush
  • Fruity pebbles
  • Sour diesel
  • Pineapple Express
  • Blue Dream

The endless individual strains each have key and subtle effects, making each strain distinct from the next. Some strains offer euphoria-inducing effects, while others offer relaxing or pain-reducing effects.

Understanding the differences between the three main strains will help you next time you’re looking for a product that caters to your cannabis needs.


Cannabis indica comes from a Hindu mountainous region. Indica is often associated with easily putting people to sleep, as it makes most people relaxed, with a strong body high.

If you’re making edibles for someone with insomnia, doesn’t like to smoke, or gets anxious from marijuana, indica is usually a good choice.

The strong amounts of THC compared to the low amounts of CBD within indica provides a mild sedating effect, leaving users to relax on the couch or enjoy their time relieving pain before bed.


Cannabis sativa tends to come from climates warmer than that of the indica strain. It has a fairly equal balance of THC and CBD within the plant. Because of this, it has a rep for being the more energizing strain of marijuana.

While indica delicates itself more towards a body high, sativa tends to be more of a cognizant and perceptual high. It’s known to lift moods, helping people with depression. It’s perfect for smoking during the day and still being able to go about your tasks as usual, maybe even giving you more energy and motivation than before.


Hybrids are a combination of indica and sativa made through cross germination of each type of seed. These strains come with various effects depending on THC and CBD contents or which types of sativa and indica were cross-bred.

For someone looking for specific effects from marijuana, such as taking away anxiety without leaving them sleepy, a hybrid strain may be the right choice.

Trying Different Strains

Trying the types of marijuana strains is a good way to figure out which ones you jive with the best. Since there are a plethora of strain names on the market, you can ask your local dispensary workers which ones are known to affect people in certain ways. Not everyone responds to the same strains, in the same way, so keep this in mind.

For more information geared toward learning about the complexities of marijuana, read posts under our ‘Health and Fitness‘ tab.

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