5 Tips for Buying a Used Boat for First-Time Boat Buyers

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Many people dream of owning a boat someday. Some like the idea of spending time on the water with friends and family, while others picture lazy days of fishing. Of course, the cost-conscious also think about getting themselves a used boat.

While used boats can offer you years of excellent service, there are things to look for when buying a used boat. For example, you can often get better deals if you buy in the off-season.

If you’re wondering more generally about how to buy a used boat, keep reading for our tips for buying a used boat

1. Boat Size

You must give some consideration to size when picking out your used boat. Smaller boats operate best in bodies of water like rivers or small lakes, while larger boats need the depth of the open sea or large lakes.

When you wonder what to look for buying a used boat, put size at the top of your list.

2. Blisters and Cracks

Any used boat will come with some wear on it. You should keep an eye out for osmotic blisters and crack.

Blisters occur when you get moisture trapped between layers of fiberglass in a hull. Cracks show up in the gel coat where there is stress.

While you should probably expect a few blisters and cracks in any used boat, treat numerous blisters and cracks as a red flag.

3. Get an Inspection

While not as common as automotive inspections, boat inspections can prove just as important in your purchase decision. Marine surveyors offer boat inspection services. In essence, they give your boat a once over and provide a report on the overall condition of the boat.

4. Insurance

Different areas employ different rules about boat insurance. Some places require it, while others may only recommend it. Individual marinas may insist on it even if your state doesn’t require boat insurance.

Think of boat insurance the way you would any other kind of insurance. You get it as a precaution against the day that something bad happens.

5. Storage

You should also include storage on your buying a used boat checklist. Unless you own a sizeable and specially outfitted storage space, you’ll probably end up renting some kind of storage for your boat during the cold weather.

Rental costs can vary a lot, so make a point of learning how to save on RV and boat storage.

Getting the Most from Tips for Buying a Used Boat

Getting the most from these tips for buying a used boat means you must adapt them for your buying journey. If you already know what boat you want, you don’t need to consider the size. If you already own an appropriate storage area, you won’t need to find a storage facility.

Do, however, make sure you get an inspection on your preferred boat to ensure you get a sound craft. Get insurance for your boat as a basic precaution against accidents.

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