Why Using an Escort Service Makes Sense

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Much has been said for many years about the service which male and female escorts provide, and not all of it has been good. In the past I have often been tempted by using such a service but given the social stigma that is often put out there by people I have been turned off. Last year I was solo traveling through London on business and I decided to enlist the support of a beautiful woman from a local escort agency to be my plus one for a swanky evening party. I had the most amazing experience with her and the service was worth every penny. If you have any preconceptions about using such a service, here is why you should dispel them.


When you hire an escort you will be doing so with companies who are fully professional and who, like any other service, look after their staff and clients alike. You can use their website to see what the company is all about, the men and women have their own profile pages and many promote their selfie escorts, which is basically where the men and women take their own photos so that you see the real them, and not some photoshopped version.


People immediately have lewd thoughts when considering the prospect of using and escort service but there is far more to what these companies offers. In my case I was able to count on some company for the night instead of turning up alone to a business event. In fact many who I have spoken to who have used such as service have done so to cure a little loneliness, now there is nothing wrong with that.

No Judgement

Whatever it is that you like to do for fun, however you look or whatever it is that you like to talk about will be met with absolutely no judgement. This gives you a safe space to just be yourself with your man or woman of choice. They will simply come and enjoy some time with you and it will all be on your own terms. There is too much social pressure and judgement in the world that it is nice to just be honest about yourself with someone who you know is not judging you and who won’t use that information for any purpose.


I will be completely honest and say that the lady who I took to the party was far more beautiful than anyone who I could ever get a date with and it felt great to walk around with someone so attractive on my arm. She was incredibly natural and we were locked in conversation for hours. That night really boosted my confidence in terms of speaking to women and I also didn’t mind the comments coming from some of my colleagues who noted who pretty my date was.

All in all these men and women offer a great service, it is up front, transparent and extremely professional and I would certainly recommend it.

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