5 Essential Tips on How to Prepare Your Kids for College

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When the time comes for us to send our kids to college, there is a switch that automatically turns on and gets us all worried. We would not always be there to help them with their studies, prepare ‘brain food’, or make sure their study corner is comfortable. Once you’ve left them in their dorm and helped them unpack, you’re gone and they’ll be alone for four or more years.

Now, you shouldn’t really be too worried about them, whatever it is they will experience is part of the natural learning process. But that’s not to say that you can’t make sure that they are as prepared as they possibly can once they get to college. So here are helpful tips to get your kids geared up for the rigor of university life.

Make sure they have a good educational foundation

One of the first things you can do is to help them get into their dream school. Find out what their passions and interests are and assist them in figuring out what they want to do as a career. Never dictate what they should do because it is going to hinder their growth more than the stress in school.

To make sure they are able to explore the arts, humanities, sciences, and sports, you must choose a school that provides holistic education. For instance, a secondary school in Singapore called the One World International School takes full advantage of the holistic education philosophy by encouraging collaborative work. They provide programs which will allow students to test what they are capable of and what it is they want to do for life.

Teach them the value of money

You can help them make informed and better choices by teaching them to stick to a monthly budget. In this way, not only are they at less risk of overspending, they can also save more money.

Start with how much money they will receive per month; this should include their salary if they are working and their allowance if they are getting any. Then help them budget their necessities first like groceries and utilities. You can do this by going shopping with them in the stores near their campus and figuring out brands they can afford for a specific amount of money.

Afterwards, make sure they still have money they can use for leisure. We’ve been college students before, we know how much they’ll need to incorporate fun in their lives.

Help them figure out their learning technique

Before college, make sure your child knows the best ways they can learn their lessons. Once they are there, they might get shocked at how fast-paced the classes are. But what’s going to keep them sane are the techniques they have always used for studying. However, it is important that they also learn how to adapt to the difficulty of the subjects and adjust their learning techniques accordingly.

Ensure development in social and emotional aspects

School isn’t just about the academic, it is also about culture. Regardless of how capable our kids are, their performance are going to be influenced by how they react to their environment. So right now, make sure they are able to process their emotions by talking it out, helping them understand toxic relationships, good friendships, and just overall guidance through life.

Do not stress them out about college

Lastly, do not hover around ensuring they have the mint perfect grades needed for Ivy League schools. With proper support and motivation, they can do this on their own. You do not have to stalk their grades as if it’s night watch. You can check up on them daily especially if they have expressed troubles in class. But do not invalidate their difficulties by telling them they are not working hard enough.

Take a pause and discuss with them how you can address their problems.

Kids these days are under huge pressure from schools demanding so much from them and parents who are doing the same. Let us not hinder their natural curiosity by telling them college is going to be the most difficult, make or break time of their lives. Instead, let us guide them properly and make sure they are able to do what they are most passionate about.

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