It’s a New Year, Time for New Handcrafted Wood Furniture!

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Why not start the new year off right by treating yourself to a new piece of customized wood furniture? Unlike so many things we invest in today, quality, handcrafted wood furniture is made to last – so it’s a smart purchase. When cared for properly, wood furniture is well worth the money because it will bring fond memories to your family as it’s passed down through several generations.

Purchasing a handcrafted, custom piece of oak, cherry, maple or pine furniture, stained to suit your décor is an investment that will prove well worth its cost. When you get a solid wood item into your home for the first time and see the beautiful touch it adds to your interior décor, you’ll appreciate why people buy solid wood furniture and you’ll immediately think about investing in more fine wood pieces.

A well-cared for piece of solid wood furniture can last for generations. Whether you’re looking for your home or business, purchasing new superior quality wood furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom or office is one of the best purchases you can make – so why not prepare for the new year with a great investment?

When buying handcrafted items, you can order each one to be customized to fit any space you’d like to fill. You can also choose the perfect stain to match your interior design. “Signature” pieces of furniture can truly make a house a home. Adding a matching desk and bookshelf, handcrafted in quality solid wood, to an office will definitely catch anyone’s eye and make the space feel more inviting to clients.

If you’re eco-conscious, consider the advantages of reclaimed wood. Every time you purchase reclaimed wood, you prevent more trees from being cut down – and you support a company that helps prevent the loss of trees as well, which makes the planet healthier.

Do you already have an antique heirloom or yard sale find that you absolutely love but needs refinishing? A company that hires experienced craftsmen to create their pieces will often be able to refinish your antiques. They can tell you what stains will work best with any item of furniture in order to enhance it and make sure it remains precious.

Doing your research is a must when you’re searching for a reliable wood crafting company. Excellent customer service, proven by positive client testimonials, is an important part of choosing the right company. How long a company has been in business and where their manufacturing is done is equally important.

Choosing a company with a proven track record, that ships within the country, can be important as well. A company that guarantees delivery to your door is another point to research. Is your signature piece guaranteed to arrive safely and intact by the company? A proven company will bring one-of-a-kind furniture to you without worry.

The year is new, so why shouldn’t your furniture be new as well? Get rid of your cheap, worn-out items and bring one-of-a-kind solid wood furniture into your life this year!

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