What are the Main Differences Between College and University?

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If you’re planning for your educational future, there are a few things you should be aware of. Depending on what you want to do with your life and career, you may have to choose between a college and a university. Knowing the differences between the two can help you to make wise choices where you pursue your further education after high school.

Whether you’re starting out after graduation or you’re considering going back to school in the middle of life, these facts below can help you choose the right path for your education.

What is a University?

These are typically larger educational institutions which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees alike. These schools will be where you pursue your master’s degree, and in some cases, medical or law degrees. You will also find that these educational facilities offer a more diverse class offering than your college campus will. You can sometimes even earn your graduate and your undergraduate degrees in a shorter amount of time than you typically would.

These campuses typically have more students enrolled as well. This can lead to an issue in getting into a class you may need if it’s something that isn’t offered every semester. However, it also opens up the door for wider opportunities for your career path.

What is a College?

College campuses are usually smaller than universities and don’t always offer as wide of a range of class opportunities. These campuses typically offer programs that can range from two-year to four-year degrees. Some of them only offer an associate degree which is a two-year program.

While this is the typical difference between the two, it all depends on the campus itself. Some colleges offer graduate degrees and can assist you in furthering your education after you’ve finished your undergraduate.

When it boils down to the basics, the two are very similar and can offer a solid educational route for anyone wanting to pursue higher education. It will depend on what you can afford, the courses you’re after and what your career of choice will be. These factors will help to determine whether a university or a college is right for you.

Here are a few tips to help you choose:

  • If you’re looking for a smaller class size and close relationships with your professors, then a college would be the right location.
  • If you need a wider variety of programs and class choices, then a university is for you.
  • If you’re wanting to get a medical or law degree, then university is typically the better choice.
  • Cost can also weigh in on the factor of choosing a college or university. Some colleges, since they are typically smaller, can better fit your budget rather than finding a university.

Pursuing your education is a great endeavor to embark on. You will find that either university or college can help you to reach your career goals by having a unique learning experience. Consider all your options before deciding on your choice.

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