The Most Interesting Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

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When it comes to sports, the first ones you may think of are football, baseball, and basketball. Did you know, however, that there are several interesting sports out there you might have never heard of before? There are so many activities and sports competitions out there that are sure to keep your interest peaked. Take a look below at some of the most interesting, and sometimes odd, sports you’ve never heard of before.

Underwater Hockey

You may think hockey is all on ice but not this game! This is where teams are pushing a hockey puck across the bottom of a pool, underwater, trying to reach the opposing team’s goal. The first championship of this game took place back in 1980 and it has been around ever since.

Annual Cheese Rolling

Taking place in the U.K. every year, this is an interesting sport that you may never have heard of before. A large roll of cheese is sent rolling down a steep hill while competitors chase after it. The first one to the bottom of the hill gets the roll of cheese. The angle of the hill has caused several injuries in the past so it’s not a sport without risk.

Chess Boxing

This is actually a combination of two different arenas. The chess world and boxing collide is this interesting and unusual sport. Two competitors face off in rounds of chess and boxing combined. They go from one round to the next playing a mind game and a physical one.

Wife Carrying

While you may envision a new husband gently carrying his wife across the threshold of their home, think again. This is a sport where the male is racing others through an obstacle course all while carrying his female partner on his back. It can be quite interesting as the two race through mud and over other obstacles to try to reach the finish line.

Bed Racing

Your cozy bed is no longer just for sleeping! This sport is done in different parts of the world. It consists of a team of runners and one that is sitting on the bed as it races down the track. This is a fun and unusual sport to attend and is held in both the U.S, England, and New Zealand.


Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then your favorite game in the movie has come to life! This game consists of a team that rides on broomsticks as they dodge their opponents’ ball. All of this is done while trying to get their ball into the opposing team’s hoop. Sorry fans, there’s no flying brooms in this game!


This one is exactly what it sounds like. Contestants are juggling items as they run a race. Combining the two can be quite harrowing and can make for a very interesting competition. It is mostly seen in the U.S.

These are just a few of the interesting sports around the world that you may never have heard of before. Be sure to check them out and broaden your sports horizons.

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