Best Aftermarket Performance Mods for Ford Mustang

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Whether you’ve just rolled your new Ford Mustang off the lot or you’re ready to upgrade your daily drive, discover how to improve your Mustang and get the most horsepower and high-performance functionality out of your ride. From new tires to Ford Mustang performance exhaust systems, here is an excellent guide to help you invest wisely in your Mustang and get the most performance out of your investment.

High-Performance Mufflers

One of the best ways to balance style and performance is your exhaust system. The loudest mufflers not only offer you a head-turning sound, you’ll also enjoy improved acceleration. There are countless muffler options to choose from, so it may be difficult finding the perfect part for your favorite vehicle. Here are some basic considerations to take into account as you shop for mufflers.

First, remember that a bigger muffler can actually decrease your performance. Size isn’t everything, so carefully compare the construction, length and other features before grabbing the biggest, clunkiest muffler on the shelf. Of course, there’s nothing like a low growl to communicate a hearty engine ready to roar.

Premium Tires

Another go-to performance upgrade for your Mustang is new treads. Most aftermarket purchases focus on the rims. While rims add a unique style and can improve your performance, pay special attention to your particular tire tread pattern to amp up your acceleration. Aggressive treads are best saved for low-traction driving, but having more tread making contact with the ground can improve your traction in any terrain.

Of course, the exact tire type you select is dependent on your driving situation. Climbing steep, hilly roads in the snow requires very different tread designs than a cruise down a long, straight highway on a hot day. Determine your most common driving situation or consider swapping tires throughout the year as the seasons or your location changes.

Shop for tires that weigh less than your OEM options. Lightweight tires give you race-ready performance. Whether you’re driving to work or preparing for a weekend full of high-speed racing, your tires and wheels are an essential performance component that’s worth investing in.

Air Filters, Intake and More

Once you have the treads and muffler, you’re ready to give your Ford Mustang some breathing room. Aftermarket air filters, cold air intake and performance catalytic converters all help with the intake and exhaust system of your Mustang. The result of all this extra airflow is improved power. Balance the need for speed with fuel economy and you’ll give your Mustang the tools it needs to speed down the road and meet your high-performance expectations.

When you shop for catalytic converters, you can help reduce the emissions of your Mustang. Performance catalytic converters boost the overall power of your vehicle without harming emissions.

Shop for all your favorite aftermarket upgrades today. Whether you need some new tires or are stuck trying to choose the best performance catalytic converters, shop online and find all the information and deals you need. Crank up your Mustang’s power and performance with these components and enjoy a smooth, personalized ride that helps you command the streets and get the most out of your favorite vehicle.

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