What to Look For in a Mobile Betting App

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If you gamble and haven’t yet unlocked the power of mobile betting then this article is very much directed at you. Mobile sports betting gives you so many benefits, chief among them the fact that you can take your betting on the road with you. With mobile betting it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as you have an internet connection then you can be sure to get on every bet that you fancy. If you want to stop missing out then you need to download one of the wide range of mobile betting apps. When selecting which is the right one for you, here are some of the things which you need to be looking at.


Everyone loves a promotion and in the world of betting it usually means free money as a bonus with which to bet. Not every bookie offers loyalty and sign up bonuses however so be sure to find one which will give you plenty of chances to earn bonuses and take advantage of promotions. There are some great offers out there and if you want to take advantage of the Mobilbet bonus voucher to get you started with your mobile betting, simply click the link and get betting.

Sporting Events

Some of the smaller bookies with mobile apps have a very limited selection of which sports you can bet on. This may be fine if you only ever bet on football or horse racing, but if you prefer to branch out with your bets and look further afield, you may find that some just don’t have the range of options which you need.

User Interface

Unfortunately there are some apps out there which appear to have been designed for use by monkeys rather than humans, and the interface is so complicated and confusing that it can be very hard to navigate. Thankfully these are in the minority and many of the apps offer great interfaces which are very easy to use.

Banking Options

One of the first things to check out is the banking options which each app gives you because they are not all as straight forward as they could be. If you wish to use PayPal or Skrill as your banking option then you may not find that all apps offer this. Check on the terms and conditions before you sign up to ensure that your deposit and withdrawal options are accommodated.

Customer Service

There will be times when you need customer service support, perhaps a bet didn’t go through or a withdrawal hasn’t been paid out, and in these situations you need to have a solid system to work with. Does the app have a live chat feature? Is there a direct line you can call? If the app only offers an email address then the customer service is likely to be slow, this is something important to consider when deciding on which app you plan to use.

Research well and get the right app for your needs, then go win that million!

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