Matching your wood flooring with your kitchen cabinets

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Picking a new flooring is a difficult task in itself. With so many options such as: solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, stone, vinyl and tiles you’re nearly always spoilt for choice! Not to mention the range of patterns, thicknesses and finishes, choosing your flooring type is a whole other decision. Then you have to think about whether it’s going to go with your interior and not clash with furniture and your walls – so let’s take one step at a time. If you’re revamping your kitchen, let’s explore how you can best match your new flooring with your kitchen counters.


When considering a room that gets as much use as the kitchen, simplicity is key. As much as you may try and avoid it, the kitchen will occasionally get cluttered, so a clean, plain colour scheme and shaker style kitchen cabinets are a good way to go. We’d say you can be more adventurous with other rooms but keep your floors and cabinets simple. You may want to replace and mix up appliances, whereas the floors and cabinets will be there to stay, so best to keep them neutral and versatile so they’ll go with different furnishings! It’ll create a relaxed, timeless design…

Don’t overdo it

Before considering an overall colour scheme, make sure you test lots of different samples and put them up against your flooring/cabinets. Be careful that you don’t have clashing wood – if you have wood floors perhaps go for marble work tops, and if you have wooden cabinets perhaps go for stone, tile, vinyl laminate. Although real wood is so charming, it is possible to have too much! We’d recommend picking your worksurfaces and cabinets before your flooring, as they vary much more in terms of patterns and variation, then your flooring can fit in. 

Top it off with accessories 

Once you’ve matched your cabinets, work surfaces and floors, accessories are next up. Stick to a colour or material theme for appliances – metal nearly always works well, highlighting and brightening your kitchen space. Also, accessorising with brass angles can add a nice finishing touch to wooden fixtures. Think about small detail such as matching doorknobs and light fixtures, these details will be the cherry on top of the cake.

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